What We Do

We take care of all your computer needs.

Computer hardware and networks can be complicated when fixing, integrating new things or buying a new system, this is where we step in. Tech Experts can advise you on exactly what you need, but we can resolve your technical problems or fix and upgrade your systems. Just some of the reasons you should evaluate hiring us for your business needs 23 years experience in online support and hands on. Skills that range from pcs, electronics to anything music. Very well educated in technology. Experienced scripting when it comes to coding, decoding or re-coding, Other services range from music editing, tagging and lyric embedding to music files, mp3, ogg, acc, flac. we even help set your office phone system up such as hold music and more. People locally have liked our service and always relied on our skills and education. We have never in the years of serving computers had a complaint or bad review.


Technical specialists on staff to help you with any computer needs.


New and used Laptop Sales

New and used Desktop Sales

New and Used Servers

New and Used Workstations

New and Used HPC High Performance Computers

Custom Built PCs, Workstations, Gaming System & Servers

Wireless Networks

Parts/Software Sales

New and used parts

Linux Software

SUSE Enterprise

SUSE Enterprise Cloud

Redhat Enterprise

Redhat Satellite

Fedora Linux

Centos Linux

Ubuntu Linux Productions

Debain Linux

Microfocus Software Sales

Comodo Security Services.

ITSM Services
Installations, & Consultations for Linux & Windows 7-10

Onsite Business Service Only

Data Backup

Network cable installation

Virus Removal

Malware Removal

Ransomware Removal

Spyware Removal

Desktop Repair

Server Repair

Workstation Repairs

HPC High Performance Computer Repair

Wireless Network Setup

System Networking

Audio/Music Remastering

Office Phone System set ups

Office Phone Audio Setups

Voice Overs/Radio Sweeps

Internet Radio Services/Setups

Computer Training

Software Training
Web Site Design


WordPress Plugins

WordPress Themes

Bootstrap 3- 4 Sites

Landing/ Splash Pages

One Page Sites

Linux Software PC/ Server

Internet Marketing

Facebook Business Pages/API APP

Linked In Business Pages

Twitter API APP

Web Audio Players Configurations

Video Players

Graphic Design

Business Cards




Document and Forms

SEO Services

Musician Sites and Services


Technology Yesterday & Today

Probably the most used word a lot don’t like to hear “technology” with today’s complicated industry,  The many optional uses of phones, computers servers, and other related items for, musicians, gamers, businesses, and schools just to list a few. these types of items we use now is very much a need for people to get by in their daily life. We have a major background in many technology areas not yet seen from yesterday’s beginning with today’s growth.


Our cluster-based GRID network features hundreds of server nodes using the right software for the right job powered by Linux and Unix operating systems. For any website from a small business brochure, pictures of a tropical holiday, to powerful dynamic websites for a gaming clan etc, cmjprous.com,  Internet has the right services for you and at the right price… 





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