You might be as surprised at what we also offer besides computers, programming or web design.

Since 1986 CMJ Productions Founder CEO, has been updated on technology and through many years of growth has educated many small businesses, taught and studied at education centers and serviced home users. Our company was founded on the idea of helping those in need. Ever since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where the need is greatest.

CEO and Founder Paige “Stormblade” Roberts started her journey at a young age with technology beginning in 1986 just before and during her music career.


Creative Minds Join Productions LLC is operated and founded by Paige “Stormblade” Roberts. Our service started out originally as computerjitters.com 1998, where we would have offered online support and pc hardware drivers, for those who had no reliable funding for upkeep of their computers. Let’s face it 300mhz for a CPU speed back then was the top line, at that time Google was just a search service that outranked Microsoft, and BING wasn’t BING it was MSN search, Yahoo was created by college kids and AOL was just a dial-up service.

Our service at the time offered free support as an online support service for any need of computers. We also offered the drivers free, because Paige didn’t want people to pay out of pocket for items that came on a cd for what was to be originally free.

Later after things went smoothly out came some newbie competition ” driver guide”  killed the idea that she and her group started first making “CJ” Computer Jitters got to be knew as Computer Jitters Expanding Services “CJES”  It seemed people preferred to pay outrages cost for items that might not fit their PC Specs, so Paige overtopped competitors and offered paid web design services and offered paid PC upgrades locally, and added a group of 15 people who worked on the first torrent system, servers, and web pages. later, to offset a lot of the extra work it was time to bring out new ideas. Paige’s group and their friends got in on the deas, and began tweaking programs and pc programming and offered them free, things of what the FBI called, WARE SItes the bad sites, these were sites that offered what many now know as malware or trogons. very unharmful small programs that set scanners off, these basically are called keygen sites and product key sites, she said no one should have to pay 30 bucks for a program that is free. Now the FBI was interested in groups like Paige ran, she and the group would run personal located FTP servers and web servers from locations in all zones they lived, from the California coastline to East coast into the United Kingdom.

Paige created many ideas never took all the credits because it was her and her group, she was also in ties to people knew well as Y2K, Elite, and CORE groups and many others, these are people the FBI never crossed. Her group could tear your computer up, while you had dinner shut your system down, lock you out of your own login cut you off your internet.

Now Paige and her group could service customers by letting the customers download their own drivers from a directory search using google search methods that Google offered to developers in web services and hosting. Paige also offered how-to documents to offer self-serve customers, who then could teach themselves how to manage and upkeep their own pcs from using the World Wide Web. do know SSL wasn’t needed or major issues then.

After much experience with hours spend that even a college student couldn’t top. Paige and the group would spend days with no sleep, sometimes as long as 3 to 4 days in a row no sleep experimenting and creating ideas, also messing their own computers up so they could learn to fix the issue getting the feel for what customers did or how they would do it, so when the time came the group would know how to fix them.


“CJES” Computer Jitters Expanding Services became CMJ Productions.com in late 1998. Now CMJ Productions included a  private productions label and production name, for the music and video services she wanted to do, from what she knew best of the education she gained in computers, and the primary education that boomed our company today. Creative Minds Join Productions is family based and uses family values within the company.

“Paige never encouraged the group to do wrong, she has said always provide skills to the right people, don’t use them to harm or damage, use the skills so that people want to hire you, don’t use them too but things in shambles or damage, but by knowing what your able to do”

Paige: I do not hack by the intrusion method, I do not condone in hacking by an intrusion of your private life on your devices, my group and I might have done things FBI wanted or didn’t want, what we did was for the reason of what we know in technology now.  Our skilled work was done on a Windows and Linux system. Hacking is not Hacking as in pc intrusion, hacking originates from programming a pc program by fixing or manipulating code. the same hack is also in PHP, HTML, Java, Flash, Bootstrap in web design and also known as scripting or coding. also knew in Linux software sometimes you have to hack to correct code.

Your protection nowadays is because of our groups, the internet pioneers in creating what is now from back then. We made it possible to protect you from the future bandits that now steal your identity and checking or banking records, counterfeiting and so on.

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Most design services now use the click and go ideas, most young ones want to hurry, do the quick buck, quick hi get rich scheme style, they are persistent in you trusting them and most likely you fall into the traps, we work with you not against you we always like to say people who copycat us are people without their own ideas and can’t think or be creative of their own ideas they always steal ours and its true someone already stoled the computerjitters name someone stole the cmjproductions name that we made valuable, so in all our invention was used. We are the Royal Pioneers of the net, people copy us because we are that damn good.

We have since 1999 developed a friendly, accessible team of engineers, support professionals, business developers and more based all around the world focused on the continued market and technological success of our company while adding value to our services to benefit our users, clients, and customers.

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