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Discrimination based on Age, Gender or Lifestyle

To let all know this is not going to happen with us, we believe in ones right to work and be free of the listed legit reasons for this post. the degrading of people from people even in business has also become an issue. Do know if the company was to say I was overqualified I would have understood, but when I received the email stating with no reason at all why I was rejected, and no remorse for the acts performed after complaining I was horrified!

On Feb 12th I was to be at the Independence MO 39th st, best buy for an interview, I show up on time before the due time of my appointment because it looks good showing you’re wanting the job, is a matter of fact I’m waiting on the manager of the geek squad dept. Now it is about 2:35 when she finally comes out to take me into the employs room? for interview hmm no office so, I guess I’m being shown off now to others who do enter the room how rude! my personal interview is now, store news.

During the interview I’m being asked questions that defiantly could not be said no to on how you manage customers, I was told the job was part-time then I guess they decided to flip to full time at the second I come in the door. because I’m not this pretty woman and young enough that turns a man on when they walk by them. I guess I could not do full time, for why I can’t work for them. low and behold I believe it’s me now the signs start to change, sadly they don’t know I’m a Wiccan and an empath I can sense, lies and feel emotions change I walked in with no headache, walked out with one that’s how I knew I wasn’t getting the job. So I acted on the best I could to inform the discrimination of them to the first manager I spoke to because how I feel is the interview was unpleasant, and why no one cared to ask why no one called to fix the issues. This company needs to have its doors shut down and an investigation of unlawful acts checked out.

The manager that did my one to one interview ASSumed I was a transgender, they also exploited to say they had a “Woman” also that is P.O.S means “pre-op surgery” in the world of medical, it’s a person who will possibly go under gender reassignment surgery, I told her I was married had 3 kids just before that statement I have hairuism issues for a woman it’s growing a beard or issues with facial hair. and hmm in Missouri and Kansas same-sex marriage is not approvable so what did she mean I wondered. So how can I be a Male /Female I’m also a Minister a female one, out of thousands of other female ministers whats the freaking problem people?

This lady doesn’t know but I also worked for a task force of the sheriffs office in the county of clay in the same state, I know laws of employment too because I run my own services that make bestbuy look like a kiddy store due to my skills, I’m certified with SUSE Linux and Redhat Linux company as a sales engineer and graduated 2 weeks after my retail sales course that was to be 16 weeks long, I am an A+ BBB accredited company for 20 years of service no complaints, that there outdoes a lot of companies.

So I’m looking now for reasons at this point for why I don’t want to work for this lowlife of a company, who seems to think they are above the law to discriminate and pass personal details about other workers. Then they got the nerve to make them self look good they emailed me back to say “they will not be moving forward with the app for the job “Consult Agent” and that is because I called to make a comment on the issues that transpired in the interview to the store manager by a phone call and never was it a concern I was never called back to ask why I rejected them me id been worried of what happens as a real manager would.

I know why I didn’t get the job frankly I give 2 craps less now, I know I’m better then they are, I also said I’ll have to decline the position based on the interview by phone to the answering machine to the manager’s office. I guess because I was discriminated, they were too scared to face the legal actions I’ll press. by being made into a male gender known as TRANSGENDER and looked down on me, and for a fact I know it is due to age think that would hit the nail on the head cause the facts, do state if your not black your older then 50 and if your female you can’t work.

Now I’m taking action, I will be filing age discrimination, gender discrimination, and sexual lifestyle discrimination and another that relates to the exploitation of personal data of an employee. becare to ever cross us in a manner like this we do not tolerate this act from anybody you have no excuses.

Do know I did seek a consult on this and it was considered discrimination.

This person was me, I wanted a parttime job on the side to get out of my debts. I can’t I’m not the approval type of this worldly greed and hatred.

Thanks for reading REV DR Paige “Stormblade” Roberts DD, MsD

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What is ITSM

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IT Service Management

ITSM stands for IT Service Management, refers to the total activities – directed by policies, organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures.
Enterprises dependent upon IT technology should ensure every aspect associated with IT technology is accomplished via proper planning and strategizing. Only then will they be able to get the best out of it. There are specific tools in the market which can help enterprises accomplish the planning and strategizing of IT technology effectively in a seamless and hassle-free manner. These tools are usually known as ITSM tools.

Definition of ITSM

ITSM tools are tools that enterprises can use to successfully design, deliver, manage and improve the way Information Technology (IT) is implemented or used within their respective organizations. To be more precise, it is an approach – not just a separate network management or security management tool – which brings together the right processes, people, and technology, to help organizations meet their business goals easily and efficiently.


ITSM Vs ITIL: What’s the Difference?

Though many people are confused by the terms ITSM and ITIL, the difference between the two is simple and clear. As mentioned already, ITSM tools focus only on planning and strategizing (and also the management) of IT technology in various enterprises. They don’t deal with the implementation part. Instead, various ITSM frameworks are available in the market for this purpose. ITIL – which stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library – is one such popular ITSM framework.

What does RMM Software do?

RMM stands for Remote Monitoring and Management and refers to monitoring software that identifies and reports problems to service providers, allowing RMM experts to fix identified issues. It involves active maintenance, updating the OS, antivirus definitions, de-fragmenting hard disks and more. RMM software is a handy and an efficient tool for system administrators.

Brief History Behind IT Service Management

Use of IT Service Management methodologies date back to a time when IT businesses implemented vast mainframe environments. The technology has since evolved and become an integral part of IT technology today. Some good examples of IT Service Management methods are configuration management, performance management, and availability management.Some significant changes which have evolved with regards to IT Service Management are:

  • Legacy Systems were reactive, modern systems are proactive
  • Legacy Systems were centralized, modern systems are distributed
  • Legacy Systems were more isolated, modern systems can be integrated

Why Use ITSM Tools?

Information Technology Service Management tools help enterprises efficiently manage their Information Technology (IT) systems by:

  • Assisting IT Operations Team: These tools help enterprise IT operations teams function better by providing them vital IT Operations Analytics which help them make smarter business decisions.
  • Ensuring Application Management: These tools also ensure, via proper planning and strategizing, high availability of critical business solutions. And also greatly help in optimizing the performance of these business solutions.
  • Automating Workload: These tools bring more agility to the work environment, making them more flexible, and also minimize business risks. They can automate business processes, ensure high business service availability, accelerate service delivery and maximize asset efficiency.

About Endpoint Manager:

Endpoint Manager, which is available as a part of ITarian Products, helps enterprises successfully manage users as well as user devices by addressing four critical aspects of any IT business environment: security, mobile device management, monitoring (via remote management) and issue fixing (via patch management).

Some of the features include quick and easy enrollment of user and user devices, a creation of configuration profiles (collection of security settings) with regards to various types of devices that may be present in the network, and easy application of these configuration profiles to devices or device groups etc.,

Endpoint Manager extends its services to Android, iOS, and Windows Devices.


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Dragon Security SP

really busy getting things operational with programs and partners. We have finally concluded our accreditation partnership with Micro Focus a Company of Suse Linux the first Unix/Linux company then came RedHat then the others under them. We pretty much keep tabs on the structure of your PC/Server At work or home, do know this is limited to paying customers only and mostly used for business users mostly, we try to keep away from home users as there isn’t much of a demand for such need. Personally, we would be busy always dealing with a home user who always seems to have issues with services like Microsoft, its never-ending issues.

By keeping proper updates and its structure secured and free from Virus and or Malware and other related junk our system doesn’t like that could endanger your world of privacy, we focus more on services that deal with people and rather protect them self from some of those home users. Bit Dragon Security is one of the biggest systems with a 24/7 Monitoring system that will clean and protect you daily we keep an eye on the system from many parts of the world so you’re never unprotected.

In the coming weeks, Bit Dragon Security will have it’s own hosting pages.

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New CMJ Social

We have been in training with a few top Linux services Red Hat, and SUSE for the new partnerships. We will be removing the old social network system and creating a new one on the new server, though this will prevent our database here to be saved it will be demolished. We have a friendly system that will be looking like facebook. seems many liked it so much so we are setting one up, with the new social network there will be restrictions, however, unless you’re a musician, you will not be able to post any music without proof of rights owned. We only wanted to try the set up we have now, due to the facebook issues that became a public issue on data security. We thrive on protecting your data more so then Facebook wanted, thus being the reason we want to make our own set up giving people a safer place to hang out, and know their information is not stored. Frankly, we don’t want our servers lagging with excessive junk held on our servers. We also don’t want to spend the extra bucks it takes to store peoples details, that also violate American and other Counties beyond American Territory bylaws. this includes treating users like they are criminals for a place of law enforcement to use by entrapment to users with the intent of unlawful means.

Creative Minds Join Productions will follow guidelines required by all services we are Partnered with and the laws that are required for services such as ours to follow.

We are not in Germany but we are partnered with such a service in that country as well as England and other European countries and a few in Australia.  We do not tolerate abuse to our services or to other users if you can’t defame from the worldly issues causing havoc, we will remove and ban your IP and system from coming to any of our servers. We will not tolerate and will take legal actions from others trying their hardest to demolish any services we uphold. these are some of the things we look at in our everyday life, people have words to say but lack actions, that tells us that all talk and no action will get you no place in life. we don’t want that in our services whatsoever or any of our social platforms.

That’s all from us here I’m the CEO and I do live life and see things in our world, I do speak about them in a manner of control. I am upfront and forward as well.


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A Beautiful Site Deserves a Beautiful Blog

A Beautiful Site Deserves a Beautiful Blog

One of the most important things we like to do when having to write content for sites is to try and match other forms of services to the services asking us to manage a web design.

Apart to such job is providing the content that goes with the services, however, since the early nineties, many services found it to be too much for the designer as they shouldn’t have to also write the content. That’s why there is a content writer for most companies, rather the site has been developed or not.

We used to be one of those members, that did the design, the content writing, and the graphics. this caused a lot of time consumption for one person.



We have a long-standing with many Opensource web systems that are out on the market WordPress is a favoured of a lot of services because its easy to use, but do you also know its not easy to re-coded it to fit the companies name and fit it to the uses of not letting one see the scripting of WordPress all in it. We have had our hands all in a scripted system. We even cloned a system of the premade website systems we have rescripted to make our own.

We will help you make the right choice in a system so that when you do use a content writer they also know how to operate how it will work we will train you on how easy the concept is in how to manage a Content managed System WordPress is no longer a blog, its considered a CMS and can be modified to a Networking system for a multi-site set up and it can also be used as a social network system.

They have come along way since the blog days. Movable Type and Type Pad are the same similarities like word press but Movable Type thought of the multi-site concept before word press we have been educated in all aspects of the internet things now happening we were there during 98 Windows System. we were on a dial-up plan that was free, oh the FREE ISP you only had the right to so many hours a month it was mainly used to do emailing we even started reselling it at the time Cable popped up.

So if you looking to be taught the proper aspects of development and need more of the history of the know-how to give us the call, don’t count on an email marketer after buying your domain, they are only waiting to use the fast way into your pocket they only know how to manage WordPress why? its a no educational system it is fast to use and set up on their own hosting services they never schooled in a real class as we have.


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